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On the Forefront (updated 4/5/2017)

(April, 2017) Do you want “traditional” schools to start in early to mid August? Two bills that will open the door for NC school systems to once again have the power to do just that will receive a thumbs up in the House of Representatives today. Other similar bills will be presented as early as Tuesday of next week at the House K-12 Committee meeting. After a vote in the House, these bills will go to the Senate for approval. The last stop will be Governor Cooper’s desk.

The School Calendar Law of 2004, that some of us have fought to keep intact for twelve years, will be unrecognizable. This law simply protects a more traditional school calendar as a choice for NC families. If you want to keep summers as we know them from being a thing of the past, NOW - as in IMMEDIATELY - is the time to act! Contact your own Representative and Senator (CLICK HERE) as well as members of the House K-12 Committee, the Senate Education/Higher Education Committee, and the House Commerce/Job Development Committee. CLICK HERE to obtain email addresses for these significant committee members.

(March, 2017) As the Wake County Public School System considers switching six year-round schools to a traditional schedule, Cathy Moore, WCPSS's deputy superintendent for academic advancement, noted that there seemed to be a sense from the community that a traditional calendar was preferable.

(Feb., 2017) A recent report on the School Calendar Law, presented by the General Assembly's Program Evaluation Division, concluded that, "The disagreement among stakeholders about when North Carolina should start and end the school year cannot be reconciled. This conflict poses a dilemma because no choice can satisfy all stakeholders and any decision will be perceived as favoring the interests of some stakeholders over others. As a result, this report does not make a recommendation for changing the school calendar law." This is an extremely significant finding since the PED spent months talking with all stakeholders and researching studies and findings.


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