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The School Calendar Law will come under renewed attack during the 2015 session of the General Assembly (which starts in January).

Changes that became effective July 1, 2013
2012 Senate Bill 187 (Session Law 2012-145), applies beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, rewrites a portion of the calendar law (General Statute 115C-84.2). Legislation: Session Law 2012-145, Senate Bill 187, Sectio n 7A.11.

School Calendars must meet the following requirements:

  • Start date no earlier than the Monday closest to August 26 and end date no later than the Friday closest to June 11 (unless a weather related calendar waiver has been approved, year-round school, charter school or cooperative innovative high school.) If waiver is approved the start date can be no earlier than the Monday closest to August 19.
  • There are no educational purpose waivers for exemption of the opening and/or closing dates.
  • All schools within the district must be closed all day for purposes of determining eligibility for a weather related waiver (delayed starts or early dismissals of two or more hours no longer apply).
  • Covers at least nine calendar months.
  • Must have a minimum of 185 days OR 1,025 hours of instruction.
  • Must have at least ten (10) teacher workdays. Note: In years when Christmas is on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, nine (9) days shall be designated as teacher workdays.
  • Local Boards shall designate two (2) workdays on which teachers may take accumulated vacation leave. Local Boards may designate the remaining workdays as days teachers may take accumulated vacation leave.
  • Have a minimum of ten (10) annual vacation leave days.
  • Have the same or an equivalent number of legal holidays occurring within the school calendar as those designated by the State Personnel Commission for State employees.
  • School shall not be held on Sunday.
  • Veterans Day shall be a holiday for all public school personnel and for all students enrolled in the public schools.

Note: Charter schools must meet the requirements of 185 days or 1,025 hours of instruction.


SOS-NC is long past the days when it could rely solely on a hand-full of volunteers working a few months out of the year to carry out its mission. This grassroots organization now requires ongoing attention and planning on a large-scale basis. Every year, we have to play “watchdog” (in a major way), present research and data, offer viable suggestions, be present for votes on the House and Senate floors, and attend committee and one-on-one meetings. In other words, in order to keep the 2004 school calendar law from becoming history, SOS-NC has to stay on the front lines, not only through emails and phone calls, but by being a regular presence at the General Assembly.

Also, it is imperative that we continue to keep this website going, as it is the only place where citizens, businesses, etc. (both in and out of state) can go for comprehensive information on NC’s school calendar issues.

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