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Important 2023 UPDATE: A message from SOS-NC president

(POSTED 4/12/2023)

Twenty years. Twenty years! That is how long Save Our Summers - North Carolina has been fighting to keep a more traditional school calendar as a choice for families and teachers across North Carolina (www.saveoursummers.com/quickref.asp). Choices currently abound across our state - year-round schools (four different tracks), modified calendar schools, charter schools, Restart schools (for low-performing schools) … the list goes on and on. Why are administrators and school board members lobbying so very hard to take away the last vestige of what has long been called the traditional school calendar?

They give the two main reasons that they gave twenty years ago: community college calendar alignment and exams before Christmas (both only affecting certain high school students). However, each of these groups has demonstrated that to this day they resent a non-profit group of educators and families for instigating, and continuing to fight for, a law that has proven its worth.

Now, as usual, many bills have been introduced to do away with the so-called School Calendar Law. But this year, they have advanced perilously close to becoming law!! Unless your state representatives and senators hear from you immediately, chances are that you will find your students reporting to school as early as the first week in August. This is very real!

Also, in total defiance of the law, several school districts (including Gaston, Cleveland, and Rutherford) opened their school doors too early this year. Now, many school districts (including Cabarrus, Iredell/Statesville, Henderson, Stanly, and Moore, ) are planning to start school very early in August for the 2023-2024 school year. Others, such as Wake County, are seriously considering a similar step. No one in your state government is holding these systems accountable. No one.

Please, if you or anyone you know wants a traditional calendar as another choice for students and teachers in North Carolina, contact your school board members, and your state representatives and senators right away! This link, www.ncleg.gov/RnR/Representation, will take you where you need to go to find out who represents you down at the legislature.

As always, thank you - thank you - for your support. If you are new to this site, please take the time to read the amazing twenty-year-old history of Save Our Summers - North Carolina, Click Here.

Louise Lee, Pres.



It is crucial that you let your legislators know how you feel about this issue!

Please go here: www.ncleg.gov/RnR/Representation

Perhaps more important than anyone, contact Senator Phil Berger:



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